ONLINE: Ringvorlesung Forschung und Praxis in der Frühen Kindheit


Das Kompetenznetzwerk Frühe Kindheit lädt zur nächsten Ringvorlesung der Reihe «Forschung und Praxis in der Frühen Kindheit» ein.

Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2020 | 18.30–19.30 Uhr | Online-Durchführung

Bei der nächsten Ringvorlesung wird das Thema «Geburtserfahrungen» behandelt. Prof. Antje Horsch berichtet aus ihrer aktuellen Forschung. Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten, die anschliessende Diskussion auf Deutsch. Der Anlass wird von Prof. Dr. Sonja Perren moderiert. Interessierte können sich hier für die Online-Durchführung anmelden. Informationen zum Zugang erhalten Sie nach erfolgter Anmeldung per E-Mail.

«Intergenerational transmission of stress and trauma during the perinatal period»

Although childbirth is for most parents a happy and much awaited moment, approximately one third of women perceive childbirth as traumatic and some may as a consequence develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a highly distressing condition with symptoms of re-experiencing, avoidance, negative cognitions and mood, hyperarousal, as well as social and professional dysfunction. In community samples, PTSD following childbirth affects between 3–4 % of women after birth and around 16–19 % of women in high-risk groups, e.g., after an emergency caesarean section. Maternal PTSD following childbirth has been shown to impact negatively not only on the couple relationship but also on the bonding and interactions with the infant, and on different aspects of child development not only in the short term, but also in the longer term. For example, associations between maternal PTSD symptoms following childbirth and troubled infant sleep at 2 years and poor child social-emotional development at 2 years have been found. Nevertheless, evidence-based early interventions to prevent the development of PTSD following childbirth and thus the transfer of trauma-related consequences onto the future generation are lacking. This talk will present work carried out by the Lausanne Perinatal Research Group demonstrating the mounting evidence of the intergenerational transfer of perinatal trauma-related consequences and some avenues to prevent this.

Referentin: Prof. Antje Horsch, Professeure assistante, Université de Lausanne

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